Top 15 Cryptocurrency Money-Making Ideas

12. Blogging On Cryptocurrency Websites

You can make money blogging and writing on platforms that pay you in cryptocurrency if your article is popular.

Also, if you already know your material is valuable, you may directly monetise it for cryptocurrency, allowing the reader complete access to the information.

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These are some of the websites you can visit:

  • Y’alls \sYours
  • Steemit

13. Faucets for Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin faucets are another simple way to start earning Bitcoins quickly.

1.Cryptocurrency Lending
Cryptocurrency Lending
Another strategy to make money in this industry is to follow the common adage “you should put your money to work.”

If you already have Bitcoin or Ethereum in your wallet, you may put it to work and make some money by lending it out. Many peer-to-peer Bitcoin lending platforms allow you to do this while also providing you with a reasonable 2 percent to 8% return on your Bitcoin investment.

For instance, Blockfi

I’ve already written a lengthy article about Bitcoin peer-to-peer lending sites.

A word of caution: Because this area of lending is so unregulated, pick carefully who you lend your Bitcoin to and make sure they follow the platform’s standards to ensure you are paid. Slowly but steadily, more regulated players, such as BlockFi, are emerging in this market.

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