Tatkal Banking

Tatkal Banking is dedicated to providing seamless, quick, and safe banking services to society’s final mile.

Gocashless India Pvt. Ltd. (GIPL) was established and registered in Hinjewadi, Pune, with a high-tech support system and specially qualified office personnel. The organisation is run by a group of experts with more than 20 years of expertise in various departments of marketing, finance, management, and engineering. The organisation, along with their Research & Development (R & D) staff, is working hard in a variety of sectors.

GIPL was founded to provide banking and financial industries with information technology solutions. Our company offers a full range of IT goods and services. GIPL’s operations are extended throughout several Indian states. With exceptional domain knowledge in producing goods and services, GIPL is one of the leading contributors in many areas such as finance, telecommunications, micro ATM devices, GST, and so on. The key to GIPL’s success has been its team, which consists of a mix of young and experienced players.


It is a banking innovation that can service any bank customer using our portable device with debit card interface, as India’s first interoperable operating system. An agent will run the MicroATM Machine, which will contain a card reader for all cash withdrawal and balance inquiry procedures for all bank debit cards.

Overall, one of Tatkal Banking’s missions is to bridge the gap between regular citizens’ availability and accessibility to simple banking services.

  • Withdrawal of funds
  • Check the balance
  • Enquiry into the Balance
  • A brief statement


ADVANCED Technology Framework – The Platform THAT reduces product/software development and/or customization time by more than 60%. This one-of-a-kind platform allows users to access corporate operations via web interfaces, web services, and Windows services. Independent of any database The CKYC module, Anti-Money Laundering module, and Loan Origination and Collection System are all available with a SINGLE LOGIN. As a Service (SaaS) SwiftCore is also available on a rental basis as SAAS – Web Based SwiftCore, which includes hosting the DC and DR on PCI DSS Certified and Tier IV Infrastructure.


  • Quick access to account details
  • Saves time and money, and is safe and secure
  • Allows customers to transfer money in real time, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • P2M, P2A, and bill payments are examples of financial transactions.
  • Non-financial transactions, including as balance inquiries, MMID requests, Mini Statements, and card blocking.
  • A system for managing alerts.
  • Payments via UPI using a QR code or a mobile number.

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