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In this post we are going to look at the mottoes of Father Periyar who fought for the self-respect and development of women in Tamil Nadu.

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Father Periyar mottos | Periyar quotes in tamil

  1. Thought only develops knowledge; Knowledge is what elevates human life.
  2. The fools will rule as long as there are fools. This is democracy.
  1. It is more difficult to collide with a fool than to collide with a hundred intellectuals.
  2. It is necessary to have effort and interest in researching new things. Only then is it possible to study nature and make progress.
  3. In order to achieve the goal, you have to pay the price of hard loss.
  4. The cost of luxury is the purchase of poverty.
  1. Spending more than you earn is like committing adultery.
  2. Females should be treated generously without being caged.
  3. All the religions of the world are built on the earth of blind faith.
  4. Our country is a poor country, so why should God waste his wealth?
  5. Women should be taught boxing from the beginning and raised like men.
  6. It is foolish to waste public money by holding chariots and festivals.
  7. It is only now that literature for us should appear. Literature is needed to develop knowledge and discipline. In it, Hinduism, Aryanism and Atheism should not be three. Knowledge, discipline, science should be these.
  1. Why should not the spells that deify the stone make man equal to other man?
  2. There are two reasons why people in our country do not know the glory of the library, and one is the lack of education about the need for the library; The other is that people are irrational. Both of these turned the culvert into a nut temple construction work without creating a reading room.
  3. If we meet a new person in our country, we will ask him about his job. In Russia, they ask, ‘What is community service?’
  4. I have never suffered from shame, except when I was burdened with the burden of lifting a bundle.
  5. Discipline is the act of walking and telling oneself without causing suffering to oneself and the stranger.
  6. Duty and Dharma is what a man expects for himself from another man and it hurts another man.
  1. Marriage is the enjoyment of a man and a woman equally.
  2. The thinker is a man, the one who refuses to think is a religious man; சிந்திக்காதவன் மிருகம்; He who is afraid to think is a coward.
  3. We must make our women volunteers for human society and make them glorious women. They want to portray the New World.
  4. All we need is not a temple; Only school.
  5. Do not believe anything that does not match your intellect and common sense, no matter who says it, where it is read, or what I say!
  6. Children born in the womb of a father must have the same status and equal rights as those born in a nation. Only then can people live happily.
  7. The aim of education should be to make people capable of living with freedom and self-knowledge without being dominated by others, facing others for every thing, or being in a position where others can guide them.
  8. It is always natural for the wise to fight.
  9. There are no words for devotion in Tamil other than stupidity, greed and selfishness.
  1. The act of knowledge to the wise; The act of the Lord to the ignorant.
  2. God and religion are human beings, God and religion were created by humans and not by themselves.
  3. Genocide is the eradication of the country’s licensed thieves, scoundrels and cowards.
  4. What women need is not only book study; World knowledge.
  5. Another name for prayer is greed. Greed means wanting more than you deserve and getting paid without working.
  6. No religious person in the world, no believer in God, can be an intellectual unless he is a believer.
  7. Do not accept anything as it is said or done by the ancestor.
  8. Men will be moral seals if women are educated.
  9. Temples were not built for Sami; The other is to divide the caste and subjugate the people, extort money, and enslave the people in ignorance to survive a mob.
  10. Do not prepare women for chores such as housework, chopping, tapping, dishwashing, gouging, and gossiping !.

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