Hindi Crossdressing Stories


Every day, my self-assurance grew. I was well aware that I was a stunning young lady who could easily wrap practically any man around her finger without even trying. It wasn’t simply my body or my purposefully attractive apparel; it was also the way I carried myself and even walked. But, maybe more intriguingly, I didn’t miss dressing up like a man or doing all those manly activities inside the flat. Now that I’d stabilised at a full, round B cup silicon breast, I was proud of myself for not only ordering clothes online but also going to the mall to buy bra and panty sets.

I was also losing weight, despite my best efforts. I stuck to the plan and followed the diet to the letter. On my slender 5’6′′ frame, I weighed only 120 pounds. I was now quite slim, but curvaceous, thanks to my running and weight loss. With an hour of yoga every day, I’d improved my flexibility. Looking over at my curvy shape in some of my new skin-tight yoga clothing was also a highlight for me. Every day, as I admired and posed after my shower or bath, I began to realise that I was finally a woman. Satish grew further distant in my mind.

As the months passed, I experienced further changes. I now had a massive head of hair that had grown organically. It matched my body and my attire, transforming me into a stunning princess. With the passage of time, I forgot about my fear of the police and what had happened to me a few months before. Nitya seems to love the new me as well as the intercourse. We’d gone from making love maybe twice a week to virtually every day, and on weekends, two or three times a day.

We had less penetrations, and she frequently referred to me as girlfriend and acted as if we were two beautiful lesbians. I was astounded to discover that I was equally as hot as my buddy, if not a little hotter on some evenings. When we went out together, it was evident that no one had the slightest idea what was still hanging between my legs. I was pretty comfortable with my everyday routine at this point, working from home as usual but dressed up. Except for the whistles and comments from the guys, I had no concerns outside our home. I enjoyed deceiving all the guys on the street.

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