Grama Ward Volunteer App

Grama/Ward Volunteer

The Grama/Ward Serve application focuses on locating families who are willing to volunteer in a specific village or ward. Volunteers can log in to the programme and map their family, as well as add and remove family members.
For a limited number of volunteers, this application is also available in offline mode.

Here are a few benefits of volunteering

Establish contact and interpersonal relationships with key societal influencers.
Enhance their mental and physical well-being while gaining self-confidence, minimising depression through monotony, and participating in active programmes.
Gather important information about society and the planet, paving the path for more environmentally friendly lifestyles and business practises.
Individually, develop a sense of accomplishment, and as a team, develop a sense of unity.
Obtain practical experience that your CV currently lacks.
Employers like candidates who stand out from the throng.
Possibility to work in a field of healthcare that interests you and is consistent with your principles.
Many volunteer positions require you to demonstrate communication, management, teamwork, and initiative.
Meet new people and broaden your horizons.


The volunteer will be in charge of developing new fundraising ideas and business opportunities, as well as establishing ongoing fundraising programmes, researching potential donors and foundations to identify and evaluate potential funding sources, monitoring the programme, tracking and documenting all necessary activities, and meeting all reporting deadlines.


The volunteer will be in charge of conducting a comprehensive HR audit for the partner organisation, as well as drafting and rewriting written job descriptions, establishing Performance Appraisal procedures, and aiding staff in understanding and monitoring the process.

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