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We began as a residential campus in Shamirpet in 2014 with the express objective of instilling a culture of complete holistic growth in students. Our operations began in 2015 with 250 students, and we have since grown to 850 students and continue to expand. Our residential campus in Shamirpet is spread out over 15 acres. At Excellencia, we don’t simply encourage students to keep their heads buried in the books; we also encourage them to pursue integrative growth through sports, seminars, and entertainment, to name a few. We provide a separate hostel for girls with the most up-to-date amenities.

Our proudest achievement came in 2015, when we were ranked top in the state. This prompted us to open Semi-Residential (Day Scholar) branches in Madhapur in 2016 and Suchitra in 2018, in order to bring the light of knowledge to the city’s other side. Junior College at ECIL was established in 2019 following the success of our junior colleges in Madhapur and Suchitra. In our day campus, we went from 65 to 1000 students. For the academic year 2021-2022, we will open new branches in Miyapur and LB Nagar.

Mission & Vision

Excellencia was founded by a group of dedicated educators who shared the belief that every parent should see the best in their children. We began as a residential campus with 250 students in 2014 and became operational in 2015. Today, we have grown to 850 students on a site that spans 15 acres. We are opening new branches at Miyapur and LB Nagar, in addition to our existing day college branches in Madhapur, Suchitra, ECIL, and the CBSE School in Shamirpet.


Students will be able to focus better on what is being taught as their doubt’s get clarified on what they heard from the same lecturer in teaching sessions. Students get better results in a condensed, shorter time frame which may not be possible during self study or work session when other faculty supervision is involved. If faculty notices one or more children is having specific problem either in understanding some topic or in applying the learning to their particular situation, he/she (faculty) will help during the work session.


The student must complete the problem on the worksheet and record the time it took to do it. If you’ve got it right, try practising it using a different method to cut down on time. If the task is incorrect, the student must determine what went wrong in the first effort and what corrections can be made using later procedures. The student must keep track of the types of errors made in previous tries and work to reduce them in future attempts.

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