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Instructions For Taqdeem

1. A Muhaffiz from the TAQDEEM area of the student’s learning Quran account must perform Juz Amma Taqdeem (student section). This authority has been conferred to a Juz Amma sanad holder or a higher level sanad holder.

2. If a student has already been assigned to a teacher on the learning Quran site, only that instructor can do the tandem via his learning Quran account.

Multiple Sittings Ikhtebaar

Students can now appear for Sanah 2 and Sanah 3 ikhtebaar in 2 and 3 sittings respectively.

They will be required to contribute separate khidmat raqam for each sitting.

Ikhtebaar Process

4) A mail asking the student to select his ikhtebaar time will be sent.

5) The student has to login to his elearningquran account and select his ikhtebaar time.

6) The student has to follow the instructions provided in the email upon selecting his ikhtebaar time slot.

7) Ikhtebaar will be conducted through webcam. Kindly inform the student to arrange for a webcam prior to taqdeem.

8) Khidmat raqam for the ikhtebaar is:

  • USD 20 for Europe, USA and Australia mumineen.
  • PKR 900 for Pakistan mumineen.
  • INR 500 for the rest of the world.

Khidmat raqam can be deposited by any of the following modes:

  • Online payment from the student’s elearningquran account.
  • Teacher or anyone else doing payment on student’s behalf from their elearningquran wallet.
  • Personally or anyone else on behalf of the student can deposit it in cash to Mahad al-Zahra’s accountant.

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