Bitgert to be the best crypto of 2022?

  • Bitgert is launching a zero gas fee blockchain in 2022
  • Brise exchange, centralised exchange launches in Q1 2022
  • Bitgert crypto project has real-world utility

Bitgert (BRISE) is predicted to keep growing at a rapid pace, as it has over the past 150 days since its introduction. The primary distinction between Bitgert and Shiba Inu is that, unlike the latter, which is a meme coin, Bitgert is a real-world initiative.

Bitgert has become one of the fastest-growing crypto projects in 2021 as a result of these goods and the high launch pace. The coin was worth more than +12,052.22 percent at the time of writing, trading at US$0.0000003118, up from US$0.0000000026 on launch day. As a result, in just 150 days since its debut, the coin has lost two zeros.

One of the reasons investors trust the Bitgert token, BRISE, is that it has a practical use. The group is working on a decentralised financial system and has already published a number of items. Bitgert Audits, Brise Wallet, and Bitgert Swap are all existing products in the Bitgert ecosystem. At the time of writing, more than US$30 million USD has been staked in BRISE as part of the Bitgert betting procedure.

As previously stated, Bitgert outperforms Binance in terms of creating a blockchain with no gas fees. After extensive research on relay chain and parachain technologies that began in late 2021, the team is now creating the blockchain. The Bitgert blockchain will be faster than Binance thanks to the technology.

However, before the gasless blockchain is launched, Bitgert investors are eagerly anticipating the debut of the Brise Exchange in Q1 2022. The centralised exchange has amazing features that will set it apart from Binance and other exchanges. The Brise CEX will greatly increase the coin’s market value.

This Binance-inspired crypto project’s staking procedure is still ongoing. The Bitgert staking procedure splits the revenue generated by the ecosystem’s various products at an APY of 80%. Investors are already earning BUSDs as a result of staking rewards.

Investing in Bitgert (BRISE) is the smartest crypto investment you can make right now. Based on the coin’s 2022 trajectory, Bitgert remains an extremely potent 2022. PancakeSwap, MEXC Global, Bitmart, LBank,, and other exchanges are now available for purchase. Check out the following platforms for more information on Bitgert coin:




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