barakhadi hindi to english

What is Barahkhadi?

It is described to shift the vowels and consonants of Hindi to English Alphabet so that children may read and write English easily. arakhadari or Kakhara is a table that is taught to children to write and read English in the early grades. Barahkhadi is a table that everyone should be familiar with. In English, Barahkhadi is a tool that converts Hindi letters into English alphabets.

What is the best way to study Barahkhadi in English?

Both Barahkhadi in Hindi and Barahkhadi in English are complementary. How would a letter or word written in Hindi be spoken in English, and how will a word written in English be pronounced in Hindi? Before we can grasp the Barakhadi tables, we need to know the Hindi letters and the English alphabet (26 alphabets). Let’s read from the Barahkhadi table below and try to decipher the Hindi letters in English.

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